Weekly update

Hello again everyone, here’s another quick blog post update!

The last two weeks were relatively good for me, mostly in part due to the requests I received 🙂

Featured here is the request for a layout by ‘CheekyKunt’
(The finished layout can be seen at

Overall I’d say I’m personally happy with result from the approximately 15 hours I put into it (spent searching for graphical resources among other things). I also reused an older border style from a neko para card from 2 years ago (which happens to be one of the very first cards I worked on). While being a bit difficult to select, I think the banner image is the best sort of match for this sort of layout.

I also managed to stream while working on it! You can view nearly all of the work on the layout process here:

For comparison, here’s the original:

As you might or might not notice, the original one was too saturated and did not fit the general color theme of the layout.

While I wasn’t satisfied a hundred percent with the font titles I used, I couldn’t find any better ones. CheekyKunt seemed to be happy with it though, which is what’s more important!

And here’s the result of my work on it:



I also managed to complete a rather random avatar on stream (seen in img below), and I can say I’m pretty satisfied with the result! I think I really feel satisfied because of the font I’ve selected for this one (fonts are usually difficult for me) along with the color palette I used for it in general.



I put approximately 3 hours of work into this avatar, and all of it can once again be seen on my Twitch page.

I’m planning to start work on 1 Avatar/signature and profile picture this weekend for ‘Megalobst’. Feel free to watch when I come online and stream it!

That’s all for this week, here’s hoping I’ll have a productive next week as well!

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  1. edgerrdz

    The avatar and layout both look so cool!

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