Update after 7 Months

Hii after 7 month of no post on the blog I’m gonna start again to weekly update it, each Friday. I was pretty busy this past month and many procrastination, but now after some motivation it’s all good :p

Also some generous people have helped me for make the server alive for another year, Thanks a lot <3

Now I’m gonna show you all thing i made this past 7 month (not many but still some design) also i try to make more paid thing now.

  • March :


Vocaloid Extend SE













  • April :

Nexiana avatar :

Some sig i made for the Shishio Club :

2 new avatar and 1 for soby :

avatar_osu-2      avatar_osu_-zsobyz

Badge/trophy reward for best card/list, i made for the shishio club :

A bar i also made for shishio club, you can get it when you complete some requirement :


2016 Spring Member Card Contest in collab with SylakentH, we made 1st place with this card :


Avatar for my Bot on discord (Y.Ybot) :

  • May :

Monochrome LE on Naminé’s café :

Monochrome LE














Some avatar + an avatar i still use on osu! :

  • June :

Steampunk LE on Naminé’s café :


A sig & wallpaper i made for the Lapszbot (now dead rip) :



  • July : 

I made the current layout for shishio club :

Pretty happy of the result and can be modified easily by the admin


Some other avatar :

And a wallpaper :


  • August :

I made the banner for the Granblue Fantasy sub-reddit :


  • September :

Avatar for loli :


And i stream the gfx work i did with this bg :

Before –


After –


Wallpaper for Disco on discord :


And another one for fun :


  • October :

Nexiana avatar :


Recent avatar i edit for me :


Also i tried a new style for an entire day and i’m pretty happy with what i made :


  • November :

Last thing i made recently is the profile pic for my new “shop” when i propose my design service : so feel free to go here take a look i put all information.


Now that i updated all stuff i made (i did not post all design thing i made, if you want to see all go to my Portfolio), i can start to be more productive. Hope you have enjoy see what i did all this time and see you next friday !