Monthly Update

Hello everyone, here’s a new monthly blog post!

I haven’t posted a new blog post for some months now. Recently, my motivation has been very low and more private issues have occurred that have lowered my motivation even more. But I don’t want this blog to die ! So to motivate myself, I’m going to make new blog posts every month!

In december i made a commission for Dezept, my first overlay for twitch, i would say i’m pretty happy with the result since it’s the first one i made. I put 4-5h into it (time spent for searching graphical resource included).



After that i also reworked the banners i had on my twitch channel.



I had this idea of design since some months already when i visited some website but never really take time to make the banner. I’m pretty happy with the overall result, i think the different color is a good idea. You can see all banners on my portfolio ( or directly on my twitch profile (

Megalobst on MyAnimeList wanted a commission for a profile picture, a signature and an avatar. He provided me some render and image and i started to work on it. You can see the replay on twitch page:

Profile pic & Avatar –

Signature –

megalobst_pp Megalobst megalobst_sig

Overall it’s 3h of works, he wanted something cute for the signature and something more mature for the profile pic and avatar, i love the signature despite the fact that I’m not that good for make cute thing :w

Dezept also asked me for a new Osu! icon, he wanted a fast and simple one.


Later in December Shishio-kun from MyAnimelist asked me if i wanted to made the Banner for the Artists and Designers for hire! Club. He provided me the original image.



I didn’t really had an idea at first but after some thinking I find that add some effect to the pen would be a good idea and finally it turned to be really good I think.


I didn’t really made a lot of work in January for some private reason but I still managed to finish that avatar I was working on and do some commission.

I made a signature for SirJones on MyAnimelist, he wanted something lovely and cute around the original render he send me. I made 2 ver and he chooses the second one. You can see the replay for that work with that link:


Around 1h of work for this one, I had already some idea of what i wanted to do so it was more easy to start with something.

After that I received another commission and this time it was for a banner, the first one, and this for イザナミon MyAnimeList. Here you can see the original render.

puA0RUP (1)

And now after 1.5h of work here the result:

イザナミ.I would say the result is pretty good, I love working with light and shadow in general and when I see previous work I did and now would say I’m pretty happy with my progress.

You can see the replay of that commission here :

Here another avatar I edited for me, at first I just wanted to render the original image but after I started to edit it more 🙂


And again I had a another idea and edited it even more for finally have a good result.


In february thievley and me wanted to do a profile pic collab and I first choose this image:


But it was meh, the character design is good but not enough color. So I edited it and make it more “alive”.


Pretty happy with it, took me around 1h.

Some days after the Anime World Discord server asked me if I wanted to make a banner for they information channel, I accepted and make it and streamed it on twitch also:

Pt 1 –

Pt 2 –


I’m really happy with the final result, it’s my first big edit of the year.

I also worked on some icon for even more training and some new style one:

3d_1_3 3d_1_4 3d_1_5

I was inspired from some icon someone made for friends, I love the 3d effect on it.

In mid february isozaki asked me for a commission for a youtube banner, osu! banner and an avatar. I’m really proud of what I did what that, a lot of work and I think I have my old style back now. Here the replay:

Ytb banner :

osu! banner :

Avatar :

Overall it’s 5h of work, but worth it. the way I played with light and shadow + color is pretty nice and I never made a YouTube banner before and didn’t know YouTube have such stupid size requirement …

isozaki_osu_avatar isozaki_osu_banner isozaki_youtube_banner

Thievley ( have recently draw something really cute and I wanted to finish it and edit it after, here you can see the original:


And now after I colored and edit it:


Overall I’m really happy with it because I never really colored a pic before and I think for a first time I do that it turned pretty well, and the edit is lovely <3

I gonna give me a lot more motivation for do even more and still progress in what I do, when I look at what I first started to do 3 years ago with Photoshop and now, I’m happy with what I did but I can still do better. Also don’t forget if some of you want a commission from me you can have all info about here :

That’s all for this month, here’s hoping I’ll have a productive and good end of this month !